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    Machine vision QR code detection system Stand Alone Labeling Machine with Printer Surface labeling machine for infusion bags Double-side labeling machine Semi-automatic labeling machine Upper surface labeling machine High-speed wiring rotary labeling machine Roll to Roll Labeling Machine Vertical rotary labeling machine Vertical round bottle positioning labeling machine Vertical Feeding/Horizontal Labeling with Tray Separator Grain and oil labeling machine Rotary labeling machine Floor labeling machine Tablet and Capsule Packaging Line Automatic Boxing System Flat labeling machine Full-function labeling machine Up and down flat labeling machine Real-time print labeling machine Double side labeling machine Double head diagonal seal labeling machine Fruit labeling machine Round bottle labeling machine Cylinder bottle labeling machine Inkjet printer Smart Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine Oil drum side labeling machine Conical bottle labeling machine Electronic label rewinder RFID labeling machine RFID card reading code spraying equipment RFID double station roll label detection machine UV inkjet printer UV inkjet detection machine Edition Post Marker Magnetic card reading and printing system Electronic label rewind counter Secondary packaging card printing and labeling system Contactless Card Personalization System Card sorter Wide card personalization device Modular Card Personalization System Integrated card personalization device Carton labeling system Milk powder tank lid labeling system Lipstick tube bottom labeling machine Four header double side labeling machine Inkjet detection system Battery labeling machine Vertical bottle labeling machine High-speed fully automatic face mask production line High-speed Plane Mask Forming Machine Semi-automatic ear wire welding machine N95 Mask
    Provide advanced and more stable,faster,more accurate
    labeling technology around the global.

    was established in 2004 in Guangzhou Economic and Technology Development District.SanTuo is a leading high-tech company in marking and labeling industry in China.

    SanTuo provides automatic marking, labeling and inspection solution to global famous enterprises. Combined our professional over 120 types of labeling machines with Cognex machine vision inspection,we provides solutions covering quality trace, channel management, industrial package,labeling and inspections to pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries and so on.

    • What if the label is not attached properly?
      A:Machine vision can be used to detect the effect of labeling and to remove unlabeled products. If the product is inconvenient to be removed, you can choose to stop the alarm when you find that the product is not labeled.
    • If ordering a new machine, what parameters must be known in order to quote and determine the model?
      A:When ordering a new machine, you need to know the following parameters to quote and determine the model:
      ① Shape and size of the object to be pasted
      ②Labeling position
      ③Labeling speed
      ④Labeling accuracy
      ⑤ Process before and after material labeling
    • Who should I call if the machine is malfunctioning? How to deal with it?
      A:During normal working hours, please contact the customer service engineer of our local branch, or you can directly call the after-sales service phone of Guangzhou headquarters (020-82001745-876). For customers 'inquiries and complaints, we can generally accept responses on the same day; for customers' service requirements that affect production and need to replace spare parts, we will send the parts to the customer or dispatch an engineer to rush to the customer within 24 hours.
      Outside working hours, please contact us after-sales service manager Mr. Dong: 13600070191
    • Why does the ordering labeling machine require the customer to provide a label winding diagram?
      A:Because the placement direction of the object, the direction of the labeling machine and the winding direction of the label are interrelated, once the two directions are determined, the other direction cannot be changed. And judging whether the three directions are suitable requires certain expertise. Therefore, the customer is required to provide a label winding diagram to ensure that the three directions are adapted. When not suitable, we can inform the customer in advance to order the correct label, or change the direction of the labeling machine in time when designing and producing. In this way, the actual labeling direction and the actual object label will not be wrong.
    • How many wearing parts does a universal labeling machine have? What is the average life span? How difficult is the replacement?
      A:The wearing parts are generally: torsion springs on the swing lever of the labeling head, and friction plates on the bottom paper shaft.
      The average life of the torsion spring and friction plate is one year.
      The replacement is not difficult, and both types of wearing parts can be replaced within three minutes.
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    SANTUO provides advanced, more stable, gradual and accurate labeling technology as the corporate standard, and strives for excellence and customer-oriented service concept. If you have any questions, you can submit them to us, we will answer your questions in time.
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